When you almost faint, you get extra snacks 


June 2, 2017 at 9 AM was the original surgery date and time for our sweet Lulu.   Instead, we are very relieved to be one week post-op..  In early May, before all this went down, I had agreed to donate blood.  I never cancelled and somehow it seems serendipitous that I was still able to keep my commitment.  There’s a desperate need in the community. Plus I figure if baby girl can take the pain of surgery, I can take a little needle stick.

My appointment was for 9:30 but due to planning SNAFU, they were not set up.  They asked me to return at 10:00 and I did.  They were surprised that I came back and thanked me saying “we were sure we would never see you again”.  

This experience was different.  Tech drew a mark on where he was going to insert the needle.  “Uh, really” I say  “Are you NEW?” He asked if he could “go deeper” and I say “no, that hurts and this isn’t supposed to hurt” Then I say “oh hell go as deep as you need to to get me out of here”.  Hmmm, maybe I should try to write the next 50 shades novel.  Lol!  I know, not funny and I should not quit my day job.  I blame the loss of a pint of blood for my silliness.

In reality, it didn’t hurt.  Though the process did seem very slow and surreal.  I could not get my music to play.  They were blaring country music.  The girl who checked me in kept saying how she loved this song, then the next, then the next.  Yuck!  My least favorite music.

After all was said and done, I became very pale and started shaking.  Then I started sweating.  I was already reclining but went back one notch further.  Then I got an ice pack full on under my shirt on my chest.  They told me to eat the Chex mix because the sodium would help me.  I didn’t feel like eating anything but I nibbled and don’t you know it, the snacks helped.  No T-Shirt this time.  Bummer :(.  Finally they sent me away with this bag full of goodness … more Chex mix and assorted snacks to the rescue.

As always more to come.


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