Part Three of My Mini Novella

Link to Part 1 and Link to Part 2

…And here is the extra part …

So I called Pony Boy since I knew Billy was driving. I NEVER call Billy when I know he’s on the road … I wait until he is swinging scaffold 22 stories up at the Broadway … cracker box condominiums to super star athletes and those who know how the other ½ lives … selling for the low low price of 1 million per. But I digress … so back to task … the reason that I call him while he is swinging in the breeze is just to say “hey” … Not really … I never say hey 😉 He will always answer my calls in spite of all my It Can Wait! Warning … which I give endlessly because I am the consummate insurance professional.

<End of public service announcement>

As always, more to come.

Until tomorrow

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