Funny Math

Funny Math: We were picking up prescriptions for Lulu and decided to grab some chocolate.  We see a display with new M&M flavors.  Carmel, dark Chocolate and peanut, peanut butter.  All in shareable bags.  Two bags for $6.00 or $4.19 each.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Let’s just get one bag.  She’s queasy anyway and I or rather YOU surely do not need any candy.

Billy Bob: Two bags are cheaper.

Me: No, one bag is $4.19, two bags are $6.00.

Billy Bob: I know, $3.00 each or $4.19.  That’s $1.19 more.

Me: Per bag silly.  Actually, one bag is $1.81 less than the $6.00 we’d pay for two bags.

Billy Bob: I give up.

Me: I didn’t say anything.  You see, I know when to keep quiet.  Lol :).

As luck would have it, the single bag was only $3.19 because I am a CVS frequent flyer and we got $1 off our purchase.

As always, more to come.


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