A Day To Honor The Fallen

In a Memorial Day ceremony last Wednesday, a Gold Star Mother asked the audience not to use the word happy with Memorial Day.  She said, “For those who have lost someone, there is nothing happy about it”.  Instead this day is a solemn occasion to honor the fallen.   The following was the first thing I saw this morning when I went to login into usaa.com.

Such sacrifice through valor made,

A debt too deep to be repaid,

From their courage freedom born,

To remember them the poppy worn.

You do not need an account to see the remainder of this tribute; it is public info titled Rooted in Sacrifice.  To view, is well worth your time.  Be sure to scroll down to the video at the end.  ❤

One thought on “A Day To Honor The Fallen

  1. Those that have given their life must always be honoured wherever they may be from, they sacrificed for us. It saddens me terribly in this Country, the UK, when one minute silence to Remember the Dead is too much for some. Take care.

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