Scent of a Woman #SoCS

Thanks to Linda for another good prompt … smell.  Does not need to be malodorous.  I am enchanted by words.  Malodorous even sounds stinky.  But this is not about that.  Let’s flow shall we? Rules & Ping Back


Do you believe a blind Army officer can tell if a woman is beautiful simply by her smell? In the 1992 movie, a remake of a 1974 Italian film, starring Al Pacino and Chris O’Donnell, that was the case.  Yes, I am where Pony gets it.  His love for all things theatrical.

Anyway keeping with the prompt … smell, the first thing the popped into my head was this movie.  Made me stop and wonder about the role smell plays in attraction.

I remember once back in high school when my friend’s sister’s best friend told her “we are friends because I like the way you smell”.  What the what?  And we laughed but she went on to explain her mom who had gone back to college was researching for a paper and read somewhere that this is true.  Smell plays a role in who we pick to be around in this life.

Humans are animals and like any other animal the senses are keen.  The sense of smell is more base/animal-like to me for some unknown reason.  One may not even realize but I believe it’s true, we are attracted to people (even if just in part) based on their smell.

It’s why I used to like wearing Billy Bob’s shirt after he had it on for a date night.  Back when he still wore cologne and we even had date nights.  (This past year all that’s changed but that topic has nothing to do with smell, so I save it for another day).  Well, except to say, maybe I should start wearing his shirts again.  Scent of a woman, how about scent of a man … MY man??

Gawd, I have lost it.  It’s past my bedtime.  I am exhausted.  This is stream of consciousness after all and I am rambling down the bunny trials.

One more thought before I go.  Have you watched the recent viral video of a dad calming his crying baby down by giving the child his wife’s shirt from the laundry basket?  You have to check this out!  Seeing is believing.  Just look at the sweet lil guy. Love !!

As always, more to come.

4 thoughts on “Scent of a Woman #SoCS

  1. LOL I had to look up malodorous but hey I learned a new word today, I’ll use it later on hubby. I think there is truth in the smell because some folks I love being around and the first thing I notice is their scent. I’ve been places and start looking for a person because you “smell” them, maybe its the laundry detergent or cologne that is the same who knows. And when hubby gets deployed, I’ll make him wear the same shirt for a week when he gets home from work so when he is gone I have that scent, and I’ll wear that shirt to bed, or when missing him gets overwhelming.

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    1. Yes there is definitely something to it. Billy used to work out of town alot when we first married. A week or two away at a time. Nothing big. Deployment is tougher mostly definitely. I can’t even imagine. Glad his shirt brings you comfort 💕

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