She’s Alive

Duh?  Of course she’s alive.  Though she did finally share two fears in her panic last night:

  1. That she’d wake up during the surgery and feel everything 
  2. That she’d never wake up

I get it I really do.  I was scared of that too.  But I didn’t tell her that.  Instead we focused on it’s nothing until it’s something. That and how wicked good painkillers are theses days. 
The prognosis is good.  She kept both ovaries.  Final outcome TBD in 2-3 weeks when she gets the final lab test results from what they’re sending off. 

Right now Lulu is awake and asking for water. Pain is under control. The nurse has called us twice just to check in. 

Sort of funny is there’s no room in the inn.  And the inn = Methodist Metropolitan Hospital.  Not a play on a virgin birth. I assure you.  Come on smile.  No time for seriousness.  Not a single room at the inn. 

You see when Lulu got bumped up, she took the place of an outpatient.  Only this morning at admission did they realize she was staying.  

All the insurance money talks were based on this error too. But they said it’ll be reconciled later because of course there’s an extra expense for staying.  I knew the cost sounded too good to be true. 

All that means is she stays in recovery a bit longer.  And as my positive friend reminded me, the recovery nurses watch like hawks.  After she’s in a room sometimes the nurse coverage can be hi and bye. The only downside now is recovery is too swamped to sneak one of us back.  So we wait until:

  1. A room is ready (patients checking out all morning but then housekeeping has to clean still sounding more like an inn)
  2. Other outpatients are released and one or both of us can be snuck into recovery

Too tired for grammar police.  Is snuck even a word?  Maybe it’s sneaked??  Who knows?   Not I said the fly.  Somebody stop me 😂

As always more to come. 


6 thoughts on “She’s Alive

  1. Thanking God. I have been reading the days I missed anxious to know that she is ok, that you’re ok, that you’re all ok. What a blessing you all have each other, that she is ok, that the ovaries are ok. Snuck is a word I say so 🙂 if not everyone can blame me. Maybe we both need sleep LOL

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  2. Praise The Lord! Surgery Done & Kept Ovaries! 💜
    Oh So True, Recovery Room Best @ Moment! ✅
    Praying for Perfect Final Report!!
    Love & Keep the Humor…. Snuck is a word to me -lol- Texas Folk

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