Not Judgment But Observation 

There’s a family of 11 in the waiting room with us.  Four men who appear to brothers’ in law and seven women (three of the women in wheelchairs).  The women bear a striking resemblance to one another which is why I assume they’re sisters.  

They set out a spread of snacks.  Chips and dips.  Soda water.  

They just got the news. Surgery over for their loved one and as they expected the outcome was NOT good.  Most are crying. One says “now you see, you’ve got to change your cooking and what he’s eating”.

It seems wrong to be witness but there’s no where else for us to wait. My heart goes out.  As we are in community with each other. There but for the grace of God go I.  

As always more to come. 


5 thoughts on “Not Judgment But Observation 

  1. I hate when I’m privy to stranger(s) private moment. The other day, I overheard the neighbor’s arguing (quietly, but sound carried out their window) and saying terrible things to one another that I couldn’t imagine saying to anyone, especially your spouse. I felt awkward, embarrassed for them, shame for the words, and helplessness for their situation.


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