New Category Alert 

As I’m taking stock of how we got through these most recent events, I’m realizing that of every coping mechanism used, laughter was the best!   In this section titled because we all need a little levity, I’ll post a plethora of funny stuff. An eclectic mix mash.  

Kicking it off is Billy Bob aka Gene Hackman.  Why Gene? Well because he has  his Popeye Doyle glasses on of course.  Maybe only Truly Unplugged will get me.   

I about fell off the hospital cafeteria stool when he whips out his phone and says “now where’s my notepad?”  And starts typing away.  Will wonders ever cease?!?!?

I pretended I was snapping the guy in the F/U Mickey Mouse T-Shirt behind him.  Instead I got this 😀. Notice he has got on his reading glasses AND his shades.  I think he’s taking notes so he can key payroll.  Lol!  

As always more to come. 


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