Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

Today I got in to see the nurse practitioner for a follow up now before Lulu has her surgery.  I’ve been putting things off as usual.  I know I need to get back into physical therapy (PT).  It works.  I’ve proof it works for me yet I get lazy.  I recently tried a place on campus but it sucked.  I stopped before I even really re-started. 

Part of my pain is mental manifesting as physical.  That I know.  But part is what it  is.  I’m fluffy ๐Ÿ˜‚ (inside joke).  

While I didn’t see my actual doctor today, I heard her.  On my way out.  She was screaming at someone on the phone “I can’t do anything about that if you don’t give me the details!”  That’s it.  Out of context.  Who was she screaming at? Patient? Another doctor? The lab? Got me thinking I need to switch.

Though she’s only ever been anything but nice to me. Influenced by yelp ratings and other external forces.  Why am I so gullible and/or why don’t I trust my own intuition?  

Why Is a salty bitch.  Just like Hope who is fickle!! I feel guilty for even entertaining the notion.  

As always more to come. 


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