I Could Have Been Newsworthy

A bit of levity. If Born in the 50s Or 60s you can likely relate. Who remembers monkey blood? That sure burned !!

No Facilities

“Careful – You can put an eye out!”

I was going to reblog Dan’s post today – the other Dan – the Dan that ran with a fast crowd of kids who lived close to the edge out there in the canyons of southern California in the time when ships were wood and men were steel. That Dan.

Anyway, Dan was talking about things that “could put an eye out” and, well that was just about anything when we were kids. A few comments were exchanged and then he asked a question that I’ve answered before. So, easy-peasy for me, I’m repackaging an older post. Ironically, Dan had already read it. Dan and I have been connected for a long time.

This post started a few years ago when a news story came on about a kid getting shot with a BB gun, Me and a guy at…

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4 thoughts on “I Could Have Been Newsworthy

  1. A great story…I never got into knives as a kid…they were defensive weapons in the projects and the guns killed…but I don’t remember every single shooting in the projects ending up on the news…for a couple reasons I guess…1, poor folks didn’t have TVs so much, and 2, Owensboro didn’t have TV stations in the 70s…we didn’t rank high in the limelight for Evansville either

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