Taken from FB 5/19/14

Funny what you forget.  The mind’s way of coping I guess.  This is about six weeks post fall.  About three months before he went back to work.  “It is what it is until it isn’t” is eerily similar to our mantra today. 

So Billy Bob’s bright red cast came off for a few minutes today to be replaced by what? Another bright red cast. Everything looks good but the radial break is not quite healed yet. 

 Let’s face it he has old man bones.  He now has a prescription for vitamin D. Once a week as more than that is no bueno.

He is still not released to drive. And he cannot do anything weight bearing with his right arm until Monday June 23rd. That’s when he will return to get the cast off for good. Followed by at least a month of physical therapy. 

Disappointed sure … but … and there is always a but … it could be worse. The ortho waiting room was filled with walkers, wheelchairs, and crutches. The guy next to us was visibly wincing. He had been dropped off and when asked he replied “yep I am alone again. The bus will come back for me”. For better or worse at least we have each other. This guy was alone. In a wheelchair. I’ll never complain about driving Mr. Daisy again. 

Lulu is glad to spend the summer with her daddy. Another silver lining. Maybe he can teach her to drive. Lord knows I’ve tried.  Anyhow it is what it is until it isn’t. Still sunshine and roses. Oh happy day!!!

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