… I knew we would not get an answer today.  Still wishing we already knew exactly what’s wrong with Lulu.  I’m semi freaking out. She wanted me in the room so I was in the room. She asked me to look at the screen so I did.  I have no idea what I saw.  Tons of pictures were taken.  Now we wait and see. 

It’s not likely gynecological.  We aren’t supposed to know that, the tech let it slip.  Well, sort of.  We inferred.  Tech thinks doctor might order one more test, a CT.  

The mass, thought to be a cyst of some sort is up high.  It’s also not round but cylindrical.  I saw tentacle looking things that could be blood vessels or arteries.  Like I said, I have no idea what I saw. My mind is working overtime.  

Doctor told us 90% definite for surgery considering the size but if not her lady parts, would she be referred away?  Delaying the inevitable.  We all feel worse after this final test.  Worried sick. 

I’m still staying off WebMD.  Come on Thursday.  Can’t get here soon enough.  It’s nothing until it’s something.  

As always, more to come. 

5 thoughts on “Agony

  1. Dr Franklin is an awesome Surgeon. He pioneered the less invasive gallbladder surgery & taught other docs… General Surgeon … idk who else…. Know great gastro too …FYI

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  2. You should know who left last msg. Didn’t realize had no name attached! Ha Ha – we’ll see IF you do…. but have CONFIDENCE in Ya & Jesus too!!

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  3. It’s Nothing till it’something!!!
    Had another confirmation for May 18. To sum it up – end results …A OK!!!
    She’ll be uncomfortable with these tests, not fun going into the tunnel for CT / With You- she’ll be able to do. Maybe have her drink relaxing tea… if can have fluids prior… HEB has one called Catch your Z’s..hv some if wanna stop by. May help you too Mama. Must be a lot of anxiety within her, more than she may be showing. …SO STRONGLY BELIEVE ALL WILL BE OK!!! The process getting there is nerve racking…. Stay positive as you can. Be gentle on yourself & Refuse all Negative that enters mind – Right AwaY – No Entertaining There!! Msg me , Anytime & get my phone #. ….
    I’m not a Doc, but a “Science Experiment” LOL!! Seriously, been in that dang machine more than a few! Help anyway you’d like!!!! No Worry – Just Hollar!!! Not Far – gotta find what I read Sunday…It hit me right away as confirmation on IT’s Ok!!! Much Love!!!! XoXo

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