Puppy Love

The bolded was written a year ago and while our current state has nothing to do with puppy love, the message of unconditional acceptance of circumstance is universal.  At any moment, life can kick you in the proverbial nuts.  I’ll never know what that truly feels like but according to Big B, it’s a blinding pain.  Doubled over … to your knees … torture.  Anyway, here goes nothing.  

A memory … 8th grade graduation … after the Mass, in the gym …  

I told my beloved that I’d miss him and I never wanted to leave the gym that night. He would be going to public school next year, me to SGH so we’d rarely if ever see each other again. My heart was breaking.

You see I loved him! As much as he loved me. Well at least as much as someone can at the age of 13. And the love was real despite what anyone said. Despite how he replied which was to say “I won’t miss anything about this place sadly even you. I can’t wait to get the hell out of here. I can’t wait for my life begin” 

Audible gasp, arrow straight through the heart. How would I survive?  We stayed in the gym, drinking punch. I was pulled up to the stage for pictures, laughing, smiling, pictures that he is not even in. 

But you see, there was nothing to ‘survive’. Life goes on … merrily blissfully on and what happens is what is supposed to be. Too damn bad that you can’t see that at the time. After a multitude of life’s lessons, I finally understand now … it could be worse, always always always. In hindsight, things work out for the BEST.  Always always always.  Everything is as it should be. Always, always, always.  

Any questions? 

4 thoughts on “Puppy Love

    1. In hindsight I appreciate his honesty. He was always in trouble with the nuns. One time one of our layperson teacher was so upset by something he’d done that he held the “gentleman” over the 2nd floor railing all the while yelling. Today some of those actions border on abuse. Soap taped in mouths for cussing. Rulers cracking knuckles. That kind of stuff was the norm. Looking back it’s no wonder he wanted to get away and start over.

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