Overhead On 5/8/2017 While Standing in Line at the Post Office

Big shock that I had an issue with AT&T. ¬†I went to the post office today to return a “free” tablet that was sent¬†to me under the guise of Mother’s Day special … free of charge to include no¬†line charge which is usually $10 a month. ¬†As I read the fine print, I was like oh hell no. $40 bucks a month. ¬†WTF!!! I was trying to reduce my crazy high monthly bill not increase it.

I get to my post office of choice. ¬†You know, the one right next to the Alamo. ¬†Yes the ACTUAL Alamo where battle was waged back in the day. ¬†The post office that is¬†inside the Hipolito F. Garcia federal building and U.S. courthouse. ¬†You know, the one where I have to walk through metal detectors. ¬†And empty my pockets and take off my belt if I am wearing one. ¬†I hate getting behind an attorney who is all gussied up for court. ¬†Takes him/her¬†forever to get through. ¬†Do I not live the coolest life? ¬†C’mon, you know I do.

Today there was a crowd at the little window. ¬†A man in his walker separates me from a mother and daughter pair who are next in line after the current customer is done. ¬†Mom says “Remember I have¬†9:15 AM chemo tomorrow” ¬†Daughter says “I remember” ¬†Mom says “I am skipping breakfast because it will all come up anyways”

I never would have known she was ill. ¬†She was dressed all sporty in capris, tank top and running shoes. ¬†She wore a baseball cap and a long pony tail down to the middle of her back. ¬†Sure puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? ¬†Suddenly “free” not really “free” tablets do not seen like such a big deal anymore.

As always, more to come.


My Heart ‚̧ԳŹ¬†

Things have been rocky.

One step forward, two steps back.

Criticize myself always.

Attempt to start over again daily.

I am oh so tired.

My bones ache.

I’m pondering while my heart breaks.

Words can’t describe the love I feel.

I see her trying her best to heal.

Her honest attempts in an unfair life.

Playing the hand she’s been dealt.

Covered in strife.

She continues to strive.

She continues to survive.

Memories ~ First Posted One Year Ago Today 

Today was supposed to be a stay in our pajamas lie around the house nurse hurt feelings kind of day. But Michaels has crafts and crafts cure almost everything. That and “free” lunch and the endless tunes. Lulu remembers all the words. I’m a bigger influence on her than she lets on. I need to remember that and check my attitude. Music is therapy too. And today she even sang along with me. 





As always more to come.