Divine Intervention 

The following is still as applicable now as it was 6 years ago to the day when I first posted it on FB.  

My worries of today are different than they were back then.  I never could have imagined the struggles I would have with Lulu.   Somehow things were easier back then but that also might be how hindsight tricks us.  I yearn for a day when I fully accept that what I’m going through at the moment is neither good or bad; it just is what it is.   

I am trying to corral my worry into something productive. Yet as I sit here, all I see is bleak.  The feeling of being robbed of peace is just the same.  Worry – you’re a salty bitch!  

Oh how I needed this gentle reminder.  ❤️

May 7, 2011.  Driving the cemetery circuit.  On the way to Concrete to visit my Mamaw.  Sign in front of Immanuael Lutheran Church on FM 775. 

“Worry does nothing for tomorrow’s woes but it takes away today’s PEACE”

I needed to see that … maybe some divine intervention? 🙂

As always more to come 


6 thoughts on “Divine Intervention 

  1. Whatever you call it, the Force, the Holy Spirit, the Cosmic Radio. Tune in and what you need most is right there in front of you. It might ot be what you want, but it will damn sure be just what you need. The trick is being able to see it.

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  2. Always Divine Intervention. Sometimes God has to put it on a sign for us, because we just don’t listen. I’m a hard headed thing, that’s for sure. I am surprise God hasn’t pinched my head off yet LOL. When I see things like that, especially when I am struggling, my first thought is, “Lord, I am so hard headed, that You had to pure put it right in front of me literally where I would trip over it before I’ll listen.” Sometimes that isn’t good enough for my stubburn a$$ and He has to hit me over the head with a couple dozen times 🙂 Praying for you, and your family Jill 🙂

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      1. No need for thanks, I love to pray. It’s the only time I am in true peace and calm 🙂 It’s my meditation 🙂 I should be thanking you for added to my prayer time 😉 I added you to my prayers first time we talked, a few months ago, about kids. Any one with kids needs prayer 😉

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