Overheard on May 6, 2017 @ 6:30 at Capparelli’s

I thought I’d use this category more but I jinxed myself until tonight. ¬†As we (Billy, Pony, Wise, and I) sat and ate dinner, we overheard a conversation going at the table right behind us.

Woman (thick east Texas accent): Go ahead and tell them what you told me.

Man (equally thick east Texas accent): What?

Woman: You know about Sissy.

Man: Oh that. Well Sissy was my momma.  She cursed so much when I was a kid that I thought my first name was Fuck!

Doh! ¬†You just cannot make this stuff up. ¬†Of course Pony laughed and said wow there are two of us :). ¬†He was kidding. ¬†I was bad, but not that bad. ¬†I saved the f-word for my writing. ¬†Cursing was not allowed in my house growing up. ¬†I never ever heard a swear word one from my parents other than an occasional abbreviation from my dad. ¬†He say “so-and-so is a PF or BF”. ¬†Possibly he’d say “that is CS or BS”. ¬†Lol! ¬†no telling what he was abbreviating.

As always, more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of The Founder. Plus Special Guest Ray Charles :)

This movie is about history of McDonald’s. ¬†I had already read this story many¬†years ago as I studied for my bachelor’s degree in business. ¬†McDonald’s and Southwest Airlines¬†were common case studies. ¬†Mr. Kroc was a shrewd business man who screwed over the brothers McDonald. ¬†I am reminded of the sayings “It’s a dog eat dog world or it’s not personal, it’s business.”

Ray Kroc, man out to make a buck finds a creative loop-hole and does just that. ¬†The money is in the dirt! ¬†It took him a while to realize that but when he does ba-zin-ga! ¬†You can’t even use your own names Mac and Dick!!! ¬†The artistry that is assembly line hamburger production is a thing of beauty. ¬†A dance really. ¬†Weird how time changes things and innovations are improved upon. ¬†There is not much more to the movie¬†than¬†this …

Michael “freaking” Keaton. ¬†I know his middle name is really John. ¬†But whoa, his movies: Gung Ho, Mr. Mom, Beetlejuice, Batman, Birdman, a member of The Dream Team with Christopher Lloyd, Stephen Furst and Peter Boyle. ¬†Age appropriate crush despite a 14 year difference. ¬†Oh how I wanted to be Teri Garr.

For some strange reason, “Hit the Road Jack” is now an earworm in my brain. ¬†Stop and take a listen. ¬†Enjoy the musical stylings of one Ray Charles.

I am going to rent Dream Team. ¬†I haven’t seen it in ages and I really need a good laugh. Plus May is mental health month. ¬†Don’t judge me! ¬†The movie is about mental health patients. ¬†No disrespect just that sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

As Always, More To Come.