The Gift of Givingย 

I normally would not write about the topic of volunteerism. I think actions speak louder than words and motives should be pure.  I’m not doing anything to get attention or thanks or praise.  It’s not false modesty either. If someone says”thank you Jill” My response is always “oh it wasn’t much”. I give credit to anyone who was remotely involved and I certainly do not like to be singled out. Today I repeatedly said “oh it wasn’t much I just made a couple of phone calls” But that’s just me being my own silly self.  I know that it has to do with how I was raised.  You know,  good little girls do not brag.  

Anyway, Double R and I arranged for a group of our coworkers to volunteer at the San Antonio food bank. I’m not used to physical labor and I’m tired. A good kind of tired … you know the tired when were you feel like you’ve really accomplished something.  

I always go into my head in theses situations. I’m always the student. I’m a silent observer and I just take it all in. As I sit here and reflect on the day, my mind is racing. So much to get out that I’m not even sure where to start.

Seeing the generosity of my fellow human beings always makes me teary.  Happy tears of course.  There is so much good in the world. At times, the good gets lost because all we can see and feel is the negative. It slaps you in the face when you open up the newspaper, turn on the TV or look at your phone.  

We were partnered with a rather large group of high schoolers and I must say those young kids kicked our ass.  ๐Ÿ˜‚.  The volunteer coordinator was a ball of fire! I’m sure she makes her parents so very proud!   Say what you will about millennials but you’d be wrong!  Fuck Stereotypes and judgments. 

There was a young man who was wearing a UTSA T-shirt – class of 2020. And of course I took an immediate liking to him because Lulu is class of 2020.   What a fine young man. He was by himself and he was put into our group because he solo and he needed a group with which to work. Polite, kind, helpful.   I ended up giving him one of our extra lunch boxes.  Made me feel good.  

And my coworkers. Phenomenal.  One in particular. He can barely stand and yet he helped us at both the morning and afternoon shifts.  It’s just a testament to his goodness.   Proved to me that there’s always someone a little less fortunate.  I can do more. I should do more.  

During lunch phone calls were made to the Texas legislature.  Asking the committee to bring HB3982 to the floor for vote.  #protecttxfragilekids.  All to support another coworker who is a fierce momma bear. 

And I don’t know why am a blubbering mess.  I’m sure I’m projecting because of a lot of shit that I’m going through right now.  I’ve been holding it all back and keeping it all in. And now the floodgates are open and it feels so damn good to cry!  

And finally, right as I’m about to post this, my phone rings. The South Texas blood and tissue center is calling me to see if I’m available on June 2nd to donate blood.  Now if that’s not serendipity I don’t know what the hell is!

As always, more to come.