Things we take for granted

FB post from 5/4/14.  We each contribute in our own way.  When life throws you a curve ball, you improvise.  

It has been a very productive Sunday.  I am sous chef for B who though not able to use his right hand is determined to become a left-handed one armed chef extraordinaire ;). Most folks know that he is our primary cook and I am the chief bottle washer. Since his accident I have been filling in which means a lot of take out but when planning this week’s menus, he decided he can take over again as long as we make Sunday prep day. 
So … I ground chicken and seasoned it for crispy tacos. Venison has been sliced into strips and seasoned for stroganoff. Frozen pulled pork from a prior bbq is thawing out in the frig. One night we’ll cheat and eat Bertoli frozen meals. We predict a leftovers night as well. Plus I sliced salami for his lunches. Washed cherry tomatoes and strawberries, peeled oranges, shucked corn on the cob and sliced and chopped onions.


3 thoughts on “Things we take for granted

    1. It’s funny how in hindsight a bad accident had positive effects too. Life rolls on and I sometimes forget. I need to get back to that place.


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