When Will I Learn? 

I need to think before I speak and quit when I’m ahead. Less is more people!  Less is mutha fucking more!

Yet… I feel an excuse coming on … am I really so powerful that I’m the cause of someone else’s reaction? No!   Mom’s a brat, she said something she shouldn’t have without thinking.  What else is new?!?   

I’ve apologized.  And received a diatribe in return. Biting my tongue, I think Get over it.  If I can own my shit then maybe she can own hers.  And maybe the SO does not use this incident as reason to explain lack of affection.  

I need to be more like Billy Bob.  “It’s over”. “Nothing you can do to change it so quit thinking about it”. He moves on faster than anyone with know.   

Ugh!  As always more to come.  


7 thoughts on “When Will I Learn? 

  1. iDK if helps any, but to know your not alone – I have told myself over &
    Over to just grin & bear it …. wham…. I do it again! I absolutely hate it. It’s now getting a little better, but not with the one person I’ll live with the rest of our lives. He is totally opposite of myself too.
    It seems it all boils down to frustration, which is mostly buried anger. Contoling emotions – which seem impossible in the moment! Takes self commitment to a better self and Time! I believe all things can be achieved thru trusting & handing all over to a Higher Power with continually focusing on That Higher Perspective. Hardest thing at most times is truly forgiving yourself! You most likely have every reason to be upset each time you ended up with feeling you “blew” it with a special someone, but there were probably words of truth in what was said, and all we can do is pray that that someone will come to comprehend that truth. Unfortunately, that takes time. Keep focused on yourself and keep up the trust& faith. Let Go best you can and find forgiveness within. Love & Understanding to You SweeT ❤️

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    1. This helps so much! Your kind words help immensely. There are so many good people out there. I’ve been airing all my dirty laundry. And what’s happening is people are praying for me. And I’m praying for others and the circle of prayer is making things that much better. It’s really quite amazing when you think about it. Thank you dear friend for your words of wisdom.


      1. 😉 if you get tired of that roll over and do a back stroke for a while 🙂 I wish I had some great words of wisdom that could take all this way and make it better, but we both know that isn’t the case. I already prayed for you so I will keep thanking God that He will fix this 🙂

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