J-Dub Reviews The Girl Before by JP Delaney

First and foremost there are no spoilers contained here.

It’s a good sign when I finish the book in about a day and a half.  The older I get, the harder it is to concentrate.  With the back and forth, I was able to hold on.   

This is written in a series of alternating paragraphs between two female tenants occupying state of the art home space then and now. 

There is a narcissistic architect by the name of Edward who is eerily reminiscent of one Christian Grey.  For the record, I’m not a 50 shades fan and this book is not that.  

The characters are sufficiently developed.  You’d recognize them anywhere making this fictional account feel all the more real.  The story keeps you guessing until the end. Several plausible theories are one by one discounted until way-la.  I was not disappointed.  

The other reason I was drawn to this story is that in between the back-and-forth there’s a series of questions. Behavioral type questions. And that my friends will always fascinated me.  What makes people tick?  We don’t know the answer to those questions as they’re simply placed in between the chapters to make us pause and think.  

I admit I did answer them as if I was the one being surveyed instead of the tenant.  Oh how I love to get my hands on an answer key to see how cuckoo I really am.  Lol! 

3 1/2 of four stars.  Read it if you have the time and you like the genre of psychological suspense.  

As always, more to come.

3 thoughts on “J-Dub Reviews The Girl Before by JP Delaney

  1. I liked this book BUT i like another book much better – Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner. I highly recommend it. Well written, good characters, lots of surprises, and a lot of humanity.

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