This was my FB post from April 28, 2014. B had yet another follow up which didn’t yield the results he hoped for yet in the big scheme of things, he was blessed.  WE were all blessed. 

Dr. S is an excellent physician Dr. S has taken the best possible care of my Billy

Dr. S wears a wedding ring

Dr. S has pictures of his kiddos on the desk in his office

Dr. S is being deployed

When Billy goes back in three weeks, he will see Dr. O instead. So while the news of “No, you are not ready to get out of your cast yet – let’s give it three more weeks” and “No you cannot drive yet because quite simply, you cannot grip a steering wheel” were not what we hoped for … it is what it is. And B is strong, he will heal. He is healing as we speak and red is a good color for him. So he is keeping his red cast aka styling accessory. I forgot to ask if I could sign it or be-dazzle it up 😉

Godspeed to Dr. S. Words alone cannot express our gratefulness. THANK YOU and we wish you well!!!

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