New Medium Of Manipulation 

Texting has created a new medium by which to further manipulate each other.  Does anyone remember back in the good old days? You know back when we actually talked on the phone?  If you got in an argument, you said “I’m done with this conversation goodbye.”  You hung up and then it was over. 

Not anymore my friend.   I have a string of text messages to prove it.  There’s no tone of voice. Screaming all CAPS and freaking emoticons.  I read and re-read trying to discern the true meaning of the text … absolutely ridiculous.   Ping-pong, back and forth, back and forth. Neverending, on and on and on. Everyone needs to have the last word.  


As always more to come.  

12 thoughts on “New Medium Of Manipulation 

  1. I’ve ranted about texting a few times now. It gives you texticles that you don’t have normally (by the way I’m copyrighting that 🤣🤣) one time, I was talking to a friend about a dude I was interested in. She proceeded to text this man(who she does not know) and tell him that I was in to him and that he shouldn’t be afraid to ask me out and that I’ve been hurt before and she thinks he’d be good
    For me?!?! I was mortified; she did it on the sly and told me after the fact. Not only did I stop talking to her, but I had to stop talking to him because I was so embarrassed.

    As far as fighting goes, it’s awful and you get in these trenches and it loses all logic and becomes destructive. It’s amazing how with the taps of thumbs, you can ruin someone’s day.

    I am guilty for sure of texting away, but I’ve come to realize that deep shit needs to be said on phone or in person. It’s I think one of the reasons jack and I fought so much

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      1. Yeah it becomes survival. I’ve literally told people “I am going to block you because I refuse to read this anymore” and then block them
        For a few days. Or I respond solely in pictures or gifs.

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  2. Oh my goodness don’t even get me started. I refuse to text with anyone except my hubby, sister and one friend. Because it’s only about simple things like, “call me when you get a chance” Are you home? and I love you. Everything and everybody else can call me or they don’t get a reply. I REFUSE 🙂

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