New Category – Notes from Therapy

I am sprucing up the place again.  I’ve added and shifted some categories.  Techno dweeb that I am, I am not sure if this is helpful.  I still do not understand the parent/child relationship in “real” life or in Word Press menu selections.  Lol!  I will keep trying though.  I also want to change my Gravatar – I think that is what it’s called to my picture of the pen – writing from the heart.  Ugh!  I need a genie in a bottle.  Said in my Barbara Eden voice over voice “Yes Master”

My newest addition is Notes from Therapy, under parent category of J-Dub’s Confessions (I think, at least that was my intention).  Those sessions become the place where I bare my soul.  I say things out loud I am otherwise too scared to admit.  This blog and my therapy have so many commonalities.  Blogging helps keep me from going off the rails.  Therapy does the same.

Anyway, that is all for this second.  I am crafting my first entry as we speak.  As always more to come.


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