I’m Trying to Be All Tech Saavy

Today I posted an introduction to a new category.  For some reason, the post that was to follow immediately after the introduction is not showing up where I thought it would. And I guess, … no, I know … that I solved the mystery.  I started the post on 4/19/17, right after the appointment.  There the words sat, getting dusty until today when I decided to create this new little home for these nuggets of therapy gold.  I posted quite a few things after 4/19/17 which caused this entry to be placed ahead of some that were more recent.

Here is that Entry reposted to move up the line in chronological order.  The words are raw to me yet still I am compelled to share.  I am really going out there on a limb without saying too much.  At least I hope not too much.  Speaking in semi innuendo.  This is read-between the lines code speak.

Not that long ago someone said my words would come back to punish me.  Yes punish was what she said.  Something along the lines about whether I cared what people thought about me?  And was I just seeking attention?  I do not think she is alone in her beliefs and her caring to tell me this has made me all the more reluctant to share anything else.  Consequences.  I had not stopped to think about the consequences.   Yet here I am, consequences be damned.  Well sort of, or maybe, or not really.  You’ll understand IF you read the entry.

As always, more to come.

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