Marie Laveau and Other Assorted Stuff #SoCS 4/22/2017

Linda’s Prompt: Spells.  First thought, I got nuthin.  Then I think … thinkthinkthinkthink … still nuthin.

Spells, Hmmm.  Hells bells. Spells.  Witches cast spells.  Wait! what about Marie Laveau?  You lovely witch.  I can be witchy too.  ooooh oooh witchy woman. Wait that’s a completely different song.  By who … hmmm Fleetwood Mac?  Nope!  Flipping mind, think.  Someone has cast a spell on you and you can’t think.  Then light bulb!  The Eagles!  Yep.  I think?

Now back to our regularly scheduled program … Marie Laveau.  This song was a one hit wonder by Bobby Bare.  I love voodoo.  I love Louisiana.  The accent sends me over the deep end and I’d follow a sweet talking Cajun anywhere.  Billy Bob has Cajun roots.  No accent but I’ll take it just the same.  His Great Grandma hails from Baton Rouge and her native tongue was French. Coincidently she was named Marie.  Not Laveau but still Marie.

I remember our 5th wedding anniversary trip to Lafayette LA.  We stopped at the Wal-Mart to get Dr. Pepper (back when I was heavily OFF the wagon) and there were kids in the aisle speaking French.  I was psyched!  Maintaining culture by keeping the language intact for the next generation.  Here in San Antone we have that too.  Awesome!! How I wish I could speak Czech, Polish or German.

Anyway, now here’s another attempt to go back to our regularly scheduled program.  There’s a lot of weird ungodly tales about Marie.  Something about having a lot of magic potions, spells and curses….  I can hear the rif then I hear the words … down in Louisiana, where the black trees grow, lives voodoo lady Marie Laveau … She gets one up on ole handsome Jack. Another man done gone. There is also something about a one-eyed snake and a three-legged dog.  Might be some frogs in there too.  Or I misremembered the frogs?  Just the three-legged dog.  We’d listen to this song coming from the station wagon radio while camping at Lake Dunlap.  That place was freaking loaded with frogs.  I dislike frogs, they wig me out.  The boat ramp into the lake would be covered in those green suckers.

Yep, I should’ve quit while I was ahead.  You know back at I got nuthin.  Lol.

Happy Saturday folks!  Your turn!


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