Losing Time

I’m losing time. Not literally. Thank goodness. 

I thought I had an appointment for my roots this morning.  I was already dressed and ready to go when it hit me “Jill your appointment is not until next Saturday!”   Then I made Billy Bob look at the appointment card. 

“Tell me what date do you see?”    

“4/29 … 9:30”

“And today is?”

“4/22 … 8:25”

That’s what I mean by losing time.  In actuality I’m gaining time because I have a whole extra week that I didn’t realize I had until this moment. Wahoo!   Now the only question is what to do?  

Should I …

Climb back into bed? Aaaahhh.  Sweet sleep but I’m not tired.  

Clean house? What a waste of found time!

Watch more HBO free preview weekend? Yaaasss.  At least for now. 

But first back into my pajamas.  Later I’m going to the Southwest crafts center for a pre fiesta event.  

Happy Saturday, Earth Day, 422 not 420 or 429. Have a great day y’all. 

As always, more to come.


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