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In my case, happy is relative.  I am in a state of contentment most days which takes off the pressure of being happy.  See pingback above for what I read some days ago and check out the remainder of Terry’s blog.  At first, I could not come up with anything. Pitiful really.  Pointless, no.  I should be able to come up with 13 good things in my life.  My whys have been percolating for a while now.  In no particular order, I am happy because I have:

  1. clean drinking water
  2. a roof over my head
  3. food readily available
  4. a working brain
  5. my wicked smart sarcastic and funny sense of humor which includes the ability to laugh at myself
  6. the Arts: MUSIC – any and ALL music.  Books – actually the written word in all forms.  Reading makes me happy.  Doing so is worth more than gold.  Movies or TV – to escape from the daily stuff.
  7. seeing and hearing.  Don’t ever take that for granted.
  8. relatively good physical health.  While there are some things that ail me as I age, I’m still doing relatively okay.
  9. my car, seeing people hoofing it places or relying on public transportation in my city when they city is not really designed for it makes me sad.  My car, allows me to be mobile.  Verona is a butte, phonetically speaking.
  10. my job, especially my co-workers.  Love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life.
  11. my styling wardrobe.  No really.  Never a fashionista but still I’m happy I do not have to walk around naked.  I bet the rest of the word is happy about that too !
  12. freedom.  All forms – to speak my mind, to make my choices, to live my life on my own terms.  Say what you will about the good ole U.S. of A.  Say what you will about Mr. President.  I’d still rather live here than anywhere else.  Well except maybe Canada.  We could move there and I’d join the Royal mounted police.  Just kidding.  I think I’d hate the weather.
  13. Billy Bob and the kiddos (all three + one current who may not be forever significant other).  Plus my extended family and circle of friends.  Without them, I am nothing.  With them, I am in my most contented state, closest to true happiness.

P.S. The subject of suicide is not one to be taken lightly.  Any attempt at lame humor in the list above is not intended to minimize that raw and emotional impact that suicide can have.

For immediate help call 1-800-273-8255.  Follow this link to more info 

10 thoughts on “#13reasonswhyimhappy

    1. I do appreciate but I get caught up in head games and defeatist self talk. The hubs once told me I’m happiest when I’m the unhappiest. If that makes any sense. I thrive on chaos I guess.

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