We Were Almost Hacked!

I was online paying bills and I see someone has tried to add an account to use for to/from transfers to an external account I do not recognize.  There’s a triangle with an exclamation point saying signature required to activate. What the what!  We have no external account.  I did not do this.  I ask Billy Bob and he just looks at me, no answer.  I mean really ?!?!  what a question?!?  Him use a computer for anything besides … well besides nothing? Nope.  He does use his phone though, surprisingly.  He checks the weather, watches YouTube clips and sports videos.

Anyway, I call and right away the rep gets to work on deciphering what happened.  As she is checking around she says WOW!  I have seen some checking accounts that have been open for a while but you, you’ve had this account longer than I’ve been alive. Ma’am thank you for your membership, that is awesome!!

Doh! But I laughed out loud because it is awesome.  And I am old.  The year was 1984 baby!  We were just starting out.  Two American kids doing the best that they can.  Wait that’s John Cougar Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane, not J-Dub and Big B.

Anyway, yep 1984 is also the George Orwell novel.  A dystopian story that I read in 7th grade for a book report as my friend for life LAB read Charlotte’s Web.  Her brother comes home to find us camped in her living room working on our reports.  He says “are you kidding me LA? Jill is writing her book report in something I read in college and you are using a 3rd grade primer”  She said something smart ass and he left us alone.  Funny what one remembers.  Her brother is Brad … like the brother Brad from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  And now I have a visual of Phoebe Cates in a red bikini being watched by someone who works at Long John Silvers :).  How is this for stream of consciousness people?!??  LOL!

Anyway, the rep who is younger than my checking account got us all fixed up.  Account is on hold for 3 days as Fraud does their thing.  It’s likely nothing but better safe than sorry.

As always, more to come.




3 thoughts on “We Were Almost Hacked!

  1. 3 weeks ago as we are filling our basket at HEB, my phone rings and I recognize the number as USAA. The recording says my account has been placed on a security fraud alert and to stay on the line for a rep. I’m still not sure exactly what happened but it only involved my banking and not insurance. Someone had called for a binder for a new car, not sure if they were trying to use my accounts, good luck paying cash with my money….haha! They weren’t calling from a number on ny acct and could not answer security questions. But long story short, at the end the rep thanked me for my 45 years of membership…..WTF? Only old people have been a member that long! That’s the way I remember feeling when I told someone thank you for 40+ years……they were old!!!

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