We Were Almost Hacked!


J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

I was online paying bills and I see someone has tried to add an account to use for to/from transfers to an external account I do not recognize.  There’s a triangle with an exclamation point saying signature required to activate. What the what!  We have no external account.  I did not do this.  I ask Billy Bob and he just looks at me, no answer.  I mean really ?!?!  what a question?!?  Him use a computer for anything besides … well besides nothing? Nope.  He does use his phone though, surprisingly.  He checks the weather, watches YouTube clips and sports videos.

Anyway, I call and right away the rep gets to work on deciphering what happened.  As she is checking around she says WOW!  I have seen some checking accounts that have been open for a while but you, you’ve had this account longer than I’ve been alive. Ma’am thank you for your…

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