We Were Almost Hacked!


J-Dub's Grin and Bear It

I was online paying bills and I see someone has tried to add an account to use for to/from transfers to an external account I do not recognize.  There’s a triangle with an exclamation point saying signature required to activate. What the what!  We have no external account.  I did not do this.  I ask Billy Bob and he just looks at me, no answer.  I mean really ?!?!  what a question?!?  Him use a computer for anything besides … well besides nothing? Nope.  He does use his phone though, surprisingly.  He checks the weather, watches YouTube clips and sports videos.

Anyway, I call and right away the rep gets to work on deciphering what happened.  As she is checking around she says WOW!  I have seen some checking accounts that have been open for a while but you, you’ve had this account longer than I’ve been alive. Ma’am thank you for your…

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2 thoughts on “We Were Almost Hacked!

  1. I love how your thoughts go on bunny trails and make perfect sense to me and then come full circle! You keep me laughing! Glad you caught the fraud attempt in time. 😊

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