🎶And the meek shall inherit the earth 🎶

Music To My Ears

TBT – this time an event picture, not a people picture. And oh what a event it was?  My friend’s sweet mom stood in line outside McCreless Mall for who knows how long to get us these fabulous seats to my first ever concert ~ Rush! I threw the Scorpions ticket in for good measure. I remember such good times on Monticello, listening to Rush 2112, Scorpions Animal Magnetism and Aerosmith Toys in the Attic.  Her brother had the best sound system. We’d stand on the bed head board so we could put our ears closer to the speakers and jam this mother out! XOXOXOXO

As always, more to come. 


4 thoughts on “🎶And the meek shall inherit the earth 🎶

  1. Those must have been great shows. They don’t do concerts like them anymore
    My first show was Led Zeppelin 1977 I’ve seen Aerosmith more times than I can count. Saw AC/DC with Bon Scott
    Can’t say I have a favorite

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    1. Never saw Led Zeppelin but would’ve loved to. Same with Aerosmith, more times than I can could count. I saw AC/DC with Brian Johnson, back in black. First show post Bon. To see Bon, would’ve been a dream come true! I love them all. How could anyone pick a favorite?!?!?

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