Just A word I Want To Murder

Thanks to the Bipolarstoner. So witty. Enjoy!!!!!!


Oh, how I wish I had met you sooner! Your simple magic of fashioning logical answers in such an easy clean sweep is brilliant! Your profound guidance is everything I need to thrive in life. Become a God so I can worship you, please. Tell me I am worthy enough to follow your skilled reasoning to the end of the Earth. I want to bottle you up. I want to marry you. I want you to be my clever tattoo.

I kid, you sonofabitch. The truth is, I despise you.

In my mind, you are immortal. I have killed you repeatedly, yet you persist in existing. I have destroyed you both quickly and creatively, yet you still breathe your stink on me.

Just …

Just …

Just …

Say it again! I beg you to tell me some more how easy it is. Offer that same lame advice twenty more…

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