So Many Follow-Up Appointments 

Posts from April 7 & 8 2014


Good news today – ortho appointment buys Billy Bob another week! So far the cast is holding the set in place even though radial breaks have a tendency to slip and almost always require surgery. The intern who actually set the wrist in the ER got to see B today – he was extremely proud of himself for his handiwork as he should be. The intern’s boss – Dr. S agreed to the more conservative approach of watching and waiting. Since the swelling risk has decreased, they strengthened the cast removing the wiggle room initially left in case of swelling. Hoping that extra support will hold things just right. While surgery is still a possibility, the odds against it have improved. He’ll know more in a week.Still sunshine and roses around here! Have a great Monday everyone!
Next 4/8

OMF went well today. The Mr. had his H&P (History and Physical). We got there an hour early to find parking and because of the required yellow form. Yellow form you ask? Well that is a very strict requirement for each and every civilian visit. One will NOT be treated without a yellow form. The doctor must sign it after examination and then the patient must return it before leaving – no exceptions! Today the yellow form process took no time at all because Bully Bob now has his orange civilian card – good for six months. Who knew? And since our life is still all sunshine and roses, they took him right in and he got done before his actual appointment time. We assumed he’d just go back on 4/15 but nope, while he is lucky, it won’t be that easy.  

On 4/14 he’ll go to PAU in the morning and then see Dr. S in orthopedics that afternoon. I am still learning – PAU is simply Pre-Admission Unit where he’ll be assessed for what follows on 4/15 – hereby known as tax day aka new nose day or Kevin Bacon’s nose day ;). The PAU evaluation will take 2-3 hours. I said “WTH, he already had his H&P and this PAU stuff will take longer than the closed reduction. He has to be out before his orthopedic appointment because that is when they will tell him he won’t need surgery.” The clerk calmly responded, “don’t ask me I just schedule em ma’am” 
Me “searching for a good omen” hearing Lulu’s  voice “snap out of it”
I was reminded, it could be worse, it could ALWAYS be worse. So until next week (maybe longer), I am driving Mr. Daisy and we are already getting on each others nerves. Still feeling blessed and grateful but so ready to return to work.  
Have a terrific Tuesday one and all!


5 thoughts on “So Many Follow-Up Appointments 

  1. I have to keep reminding myself this happened in 2014. I keep reading it and stopping myself from commenting about “if you need anything, I’m here” thype of comments. Thanking God though that y’all got through this and BB is good. 🙂

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      1. I can only imagine. As I am reading it, it just turns me inside out, and like I said first instinct is to offer help, support and prayers. Then have to remind myself, duh, this was years ago. They are good 🙂 And y’all deserve to be good. When I read your blog I see so much GOOD. It’s a blessing 🙂

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