When Asked Is He Home?

From April 6, 2014

Yes he is home FB Friend.  

The first 24-48 hours are just watch and wait … nerve wracking. Once they ruled out brain injury, it was safe for him to come home. They tell us nothing but critical care happens over the weekends. Since he was upgraded from critical, they cut him loose Friday night. He goes back in Monday to finalize the plan for his wrist. Right now it is set and depending on how things are shaping up, he may just continue in the cast for 4-6 weeks. That is what we hope for. Though surgery is still a possibility – worst case scenario. Not to push our luck, but everything is roses and sunshine so far 😉 Right ?!?!?! So cast it is! I have decided!!!

The bruising is still shocking but the handsome ICU nurse prepared us well for what to expect in that regard. His skin tone changes daily – such pretty shades of purples and blues. The watermelon, then peach over his right eye is gone and the remaining swelling has subsided except for at the bridge of his nose. 

 He is not pain free, I can tell … despite him trying to hide it. He wants to do everything for himself and he is already going stir crazy but this time he can get around – not like when he hurt his back last year and he was immobile. These injuries are technically worse but the quality of life is so much better.  

 Who knew that hurting his back last year would be the main reason he is doing so well today? After that happened he got healthy. His attitude about things changed making him better able to deal with what’s happening now. Of course, one could argue if he never hurt his back in the first place that in itself would have changed the trajectory of all the events that followed. When a butterfly flaps his wings in New Mexico, there’s a hurricane in China. Quit flapping your wings Mr. Butterfly; Mr. Billy Bob has reached his quota for injuries in his lifetime!! Now, that’s waxing philosophical to say the least.

He was lucky, very lucky, everyone has said so and given what we witnessed in just 36 hours at SAMMC, we very much agree.

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