New Category J-Dub’s Confessions – Testify

In an attempt to organize my posts, I added another new category aptly called J-Dub’s Confessions.

Why?  Well they say “Confession is good for the soul”.  And I need something good for the soul.  Don’t we all?

In this section, I plan to post things I did (or might do in the future) for which I felt (or will feel) a need to confess and/or testify.  <Go back and click the link to listen to Rage Against the Machine.  Done?  Sufficiently pumped up?  Ok now proceed to the next paragraph.

I will do this in a never-ending attempt to exercise the demons from my mind, soul and spirit. Well that and to maybe get a little laugh or two.  I expect much of these posts will read like flash fiction.  Or not, some of this might even be relatable non-fiction.  Well for the over 50 set that is :).

Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy.


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