A Day Like Any Other Day … Until It Wasn’t 

I should have begun with this.  Posted after one of the worst days of my life.  Even then I needed to write out the demons.  I had started my day at 6 AM and it was now a little before midnight. The last minutes of April 3, 2014.

Hospitals are humbling places 
Especially the surgical ICU at San Antonio Military Medical Center or T2 SICU SAMMC

Billy Bob was in an accident at work today.  It was @ 12:30. I was in the plaza break room when I got the call from his cell phone.

“hey” silent … “hello, are you there?” … 

Kimbo was on the other end of the line

He’s having trouble getting the words out. “Jill it’s Kimbo, Billy had a fall and they are taking him to the ER. He is talking and we think he’ll be okay. Not sure which ER though so I’ll call you back and you can meet him there. I have his cell phone and wallet and I am going to the yard to give a statement” 

My worst fear realized … numb and on auto-pilot, threw my lunch back into my bag and went upstairs to log off. I got the call back from Kimbo and I was out the door …

Traumas only go to University or SAMMC and SAMMC was closer “first God moment” because SAMMC is truly the best.  Traumas are common; wounded warriors go there. 

What happened?!?!? no one really knows – at times like this minds do funny things – things too painful or shocking are forgotten – temporarily or permanently. So surreal – it is why it is called an ‘accident’ … pure random chance. 

Here is what I was told – 
While working at St. Anthony Hotel, he and Kimbo were asked to look at some molding on the ceiling for possible water damage and replacement. Billy was first to climb the rolling scaffold that was supposed to be locked into place. When he reached the top of the ladder at @ 10 ft off the ground, he grabbed the guard rail to hoist himself up. The guard rail gave way and he stared to fall. To keep his feet from getting tangled in the ladder and falling head first, they think he may have pushed off from the ladder – I imagine like a jump from a high diving board … he turned landing prone – like a belly flop with the force of the fall then shoving his face into the floor with very thin carpet over masonite underneath.
He did black out, blood everywhere, EMS arrived in less than 5 minutes. CT scans and hundreds of pictures later, he is lying in ICU with IV pain meds, his broken right wrist has been set and he has consistent monitoring of a small brain bleed. His nose is pulverized (doc’s words). Plus multiple face fractures. The watermelon over his right eye is now the size of a peach. It is shrinking in size – a very good sign.

Not to worry FB friends and family, brain bleeds are common – not to you or me but in the trauma biz. They usually stop on their own. And since he is not on blood thinners of any kind, prognosis is good.
I am learning something new, in traumas there are as many doctors as there are body parts injured … not a generalist in the bunch. Billy has four doctors. I love them all, they are blessings on earth.

Second God moment – Billy will heal. His back was not re-injured. Neck has been ruled out too. He can move and has feeling. And while I know he hurts; he is so very strong.

Please pray for all the patients at SICU SAMMC tonight, as Billy’s case was not even remotely the worst. There but for the grace of God go I. Daddy is right there with us pulling us through “it could be worse” It could ALWAYS be worse.

6 thoughts on “A Day Like Any Other Day … Until It Wasn’t 

  1. Truly horrifying. That’s the call I never want to get. Bad enough the night my husband passed out in the shower and was unconscious for a few seconds (he was fine btw), but to get that call with scant detail and be left with your imagination to fill in the blanks *shudders*. Glad he’s ok, as you said, could’ve been a lot worse.

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    1. I’m glad your husband is fine now too. I still worry about Billy Bob. But it comes with the territory. His job is dangerous; that’s all there is to it.

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      1. Exactly. He recently sent me pictures from 19 stories up. At least he waited until he was home after the work day was done. Our unwritten rule is don’t tell me anything in advance. I can’t change or control it so not knowing works for me.

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