Amazon is Amazing 

I’ve become a believer!

The kids talked me into joining Amazon Prime right before Christmas time so I could order gifts and get free two-day shipping. I had resisted for years because I didn’t want to foot the $99 a year fee but when I figured I’d save more than that, I thought I’ll do it and then cancel.

Pony went the extra mile. He talked me into getting the Amazon Visa rewards card through Chase. He’s the J.P. Morgan employee and Wise works for Chase.  I went ahead and did opened the account despite Chase being a competitor to the company for which I work. 

Other than getting my free monthly book on Kindle I really don’t get on my Amazon account all that often.  Then the other day Billy Bob’s phone case clip broke and. He needed a replacement. When I went on Amazon I noticed a $60 credit when I went to check out.  All the cash back from six months worth of spending had really added up.   Now I know why the kids use their Chase Visa from Amazon for all their purchases.  Since it’s stuff they’re going to need anyway, why not get the cashback?

We got the phone case day yesterday. And it was the wrong size. Then I remembered why I hate to order. If the item does not work out, sending it back is a pain in the ass.   And here’s where Amazon is Amazing comes in.  There’s a new return method. Maybe not that new. But definitely new to me. It’s called Amazon locker. Her name is Polina. No more UPS or post office.  I was given a code and I went to the locker at the corner 7-Eleven. I punched in my code and I dropped the package in the locker. No fuss no muss and we are done.

Another perk is my online bill pay is a lot more user-friendly with Chase than with my current card. I feel like I’m cheating on my employer.  I very rarely recommend things. Because after all one … man’s trash is another man’s treasure. However in this case, I would go out on a limb to recommend both: the Chase Visa card and Amazon prime.  

As always, more to come. 


15 thoughts on “Amazon is Amazing 

  1. What???? Never heard of the “locker” thing. I rarely order stuff on line. That’s hubbys job (I do all the tracking, dealing with customer service, and facilitating once it arrives) But I’ll tell him of this magical creature the “locker” He’ll be thrilled!

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      1. LOL By hubby being thrilled I meant he won’t have to hear me griping about returns because facilitating includes returns. So I get the glorious, unrewarding task of returns LOL. And it seems like they rig it so you can’t hardly ever use the box it was shipped in. It’s either got crap stamped all over it or is tore up by the time we get it. The locker sounds great!

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      2. His case came in a padded envelope. We shoved it back in the torn padded envelope and just stapled it together. They are sort of narrow lockers though. I’m not sure if they would work well for big packages. But I’m learning that people sometimes accept delivery to the locker as well. So maybe there are bigger lockers somewhere that you pay for. Our locker was free but the code expires in 24 hours.

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      3. LOL gets visions of you stapling that thing back together 🙂 But it still better than the alternative. I actually made myself a note, cause I will have forgot that by the time he springs on me, “Baby, check your email, because I ordered something off amazon” lol

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