JDub’s Birthday Gift To Her Firstborn Son 

Yesterday the conversation went something like this:

Me to Pony: how can you not like Savage Garden?  

Pony: I don’t know who try are, that’s how. Maybe Slayer or Opeth.  Now that’s who I like. 

Billy Bob: He grew up listening to what I did. 

Pony:  Hey, that’s what we should do.  Go to a concert together.  Metallica is coming in June but it’s sold out. 

Billy Bob: Your mom got tickets.  I thought we told you.  Even after I told her not to.  And I’m working out of town so she’s taking Lulu.  That’s really not Lulu’s music but we don’t want to waste the ticket. 

Pony:  No way.  What about me?  That’s near my birthday too. You need to take me.  Or you need to give me the tickets.  Brando and I could go. (Wise is not a fan but his best bud would also enjoy). 

Me: I remember you singing all the words to Enter Sandman but I don’t remember Metallica as your favorite.  

Pony: They’re not but they did set the stage for all that followed.  They formed the soundtrack of my youth.   They are to me what Ozzy and Black Sabbath are to you.  The gateway sound. 

Then the memories flood in … of road trips to the tunes of the black album.  When Pony was still riding in a car seat.  Singing along at the top of his lungs.  Such a juxtaposition. His stellar memory knew no bounds. He also knew all the words to the movie The Land Before Time. 

Well hell, guess who is going to Metallica?  Not me.  The things we do for our kids.  I hope he realizes how much I truly love him! 

Rock on wit ur bad selves and listen to Enter Sandman
As always, more to come. 


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