Left, left, left, right, left

Left, left, left, right, left

That is the cadence we used for our MARCH as safety patrols at St. Margaret Mary’s school. Hard to believe we MARCHED from the school on 1314 Fair Ave all the way to the corner of New Braunfels.  We’d stand on the corner by the Phillips 66 station that is no longer there.  We had our badges and our crossing signs to assist the walkers – kiddoes who walked to school.  Another hard to believe.  I’m not sure if kids walk to school anymore or if instead they are bussed or otherwise get dropped off.

Boy, we thought we were hot stuff … to be a patrol was super cool and we were … hot stuff.  For the 70s anyway :).  Good times and good memories.


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One thought on “#SoCS

  1. From what i can gather from outside my work window the parents seems to park as close as possible to school (including peoples driveways, pavements and drop kerbs) and proceed to take their kids out into the oncoming traffic rather than the pavement side. Or the ones that live close stand outside their house in pajamas whilst watching the little darlings walk down the road alone and shout at the top of their voice to come back if something is forgotten.
    Though I’m hoping that this is a small representation of what actually goes on 😀

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