Fast Food & Microwaves Are The Bane Of Our Existence

Drama much?  Uh yes.  Have you not met me?!??!  Oh and the guy who invented K-Cups said … I feel bad some times that I ever did it (see link for a short article in the Washington Post)

Yep, that’s right I feel a mini-rant coming on.

I have food issues. Always have.  I am finally coming to terms with most of them.  As part of my get over it therapy, I am trying to make amends for all the fast food trips I made with my kids for convenience when I know damn well how to cook.  And I have no excuse as all of the modern conveniences were at my ready disposal.

I was talking to a friend about this … how things are sometimes too easy and what you work for somehow means more.  Not only that, the extra effort is healthy. Was it easy to put breakfast lunch and dinner on the table every day for our big family?  Nope, but that’s what my parents did.  Mom during the week and dad most weekends.  We rarely ate out … if we did, you better believe it was something special and not it’s your birthday special because those dinners were home cooked meals too.

Billy Bob and I are eating in these days.  Too little too late for the kids.  They are grown and need to make their own choices.  I still feel awful for not doing my part to get them ready. On days like this, I want a do-over.  Another chance to make things right.

If you had “it” to do all over again, whatever “it” may be, would you do “it” differently?  I am curious and hope some of you will respond.  C’mon, you know you want to … confession is good for the soul.

As always, more to come.


4 thoughts on “Fast Food & Microwaves Are The Bane Of Our Existence

  1. I wish I had known more about how to handle money and credit in my twenties. Forget investment and stock trading, but just plain old “this is what happens when you don’t budget” kind of training. And I’m with you on the fast food. I use my microwave as a parking space for my plate when I might want more in a bit but I don’t want the dog to eat it first!

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