I Told You So

Well, no Spectrum for us 😦  Sucks but they’d have to run the line 600 feet from the tap … a tap that was never maintained and won’t work well anyway due to advances in technology. The nice technician didn’t have the heart to call it.  He said they are putting our request on hold until a neighborhood evaluation could be completed.  He couldn’t really tell me what that meant.  I guess we hold out for Google Fiber … whenever that is as the headline of 1/12/17 reads San Antonio pumps the brakes on Google Fiber.  Too bad I am not more tech savvy.  I’d love to understand all my options.

As always, more to come.


13 thoughts on “I Told You So

  1. Darn, we used to have Verizon Fios for ever and then when they were bought out by Frontier our service sucked! We kept having problems and on top of that our internet started to run super slow. Needless to say, we were able to switch to Spectrum. We’re lucky that we live in an area where we were able to get it.

    Luckily, you’ll be able to use other avenues such as rent movies via Redbox. I know it’s not the same though as having your options and the channels you are used to watching. Sorry about your weak Internet connection. 😦

    Have a good weekend! 🙂


      1. Oh, that’s hopeful. If your Internet is slow, it’s hard to utilize Netflix because it will buffer and get stuck mid-movie. 😦

        Is there a way you can upgrade your Internet for a faster speed? At least you’ll be able to utilize smart-TV or other such methods like Sling-Box or Apple-TV?

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  2. That sucks. We live in an area where they haven’t put new lines in, in about 20 years, and since they just keep splitting it, and splitting it, to add new customers, our service just cuts in and out. Especailly when every one is home using the interent. Now that wifi has been added it’s worse. BUT the bill hasn’t gone down, of course. 🙂


      1. We are in the same boat. There answer is we’ll send someone out. They send someone, they tell us the same thing the other 20 techs told us. The signal is weak but if we run a new line it will improve. They run a new line the signal DECREASES,,,lol. I tell them well, it’s been a long time since I graduated from cable/fiber optic college but if you keep splicing that line doesn’t it weaken the signal???? The honest ones will tell me “yes” the others will say “no”. After the 6th new line, I resolved myself to, it’s not going to get any better LOL I just got tired of them digging trenches in the yard to run the new lines.


      2. The techs give me the dirt while the front office types are full of it. I always talk about being non-techie but some of this is just common sense. I need to give props to AT&T, they replaced some parts recently instead of attempting a patch. A tech who felt guilty not doing what his predecessors did. Took him all day and we haven’t lost connection since. Still slow but at least it’s steady. I’ve even been able to work from home so that’s a plus.

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      3. Oh my the front office. Here we have no choice with internet it’s time warner, now spectrum or nothing. But tv is different. When I went in to cancel the cable the front office asked why, I told them, well y’all have been out dozens of times, ran new lines, nothing improves. They told me there had NEVER been a tech sent to, or at my house, EVER., for any service issues. I looked at my son, looked at her, told her they had ran at least 6 new lines through my yard. She repeated they never been to my house stuff. I came home and got the service sheets they leave when they come out and the next time I went to town, I dropped by there with the service papers. They still looked at me and said, well it should show on your account but per your account, we’ve never been there LOL

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