🎶 For March 10, 2017 🎶

Today’s song comes to you from Ward Island Texas. Yep, kicking off Spring Break by picking up Lulu.  She’s coming home for a stay-cation.  The reverse of many who are heading to the beach. 

So far, a white knuckle ride thanks to flash flood ⚠️’s.  Enroute about 30 minutes out, I had to pull over and wait for the storm to pass.  A lot like life huh?  

I bought a coffee, Easter candy and lottery tickets as I channeled my inner Billy Bob.  He’s lucky 🍀.  Maybe  I can be lucky too?!?

Thank goodness for lithium. The XM 34 radio station that is … the tunes kept me focused and soothed my worried mind. 

All Around The World by The Red Hot Chili Peppers


As always, more to come. 


14 thoughts on “🎶 For March 10, 2017 🎶

  1. Understandable I don’t watch college but I rep the Terps Texas, flashfloods and storms , with radio station soundtrack are the stuff of novels seen from the other side of the Big Pond.

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      1. I’ve seen them only once. They are big Lakers fans and trash talked my hometown Spurs. I still live the music and respect their taste in basketball teams however misguided. #goSpursgo

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