Are you going to let negative energy and thoughts bully you?


This is super uplifting! Passing along goodness 😊

Betcha Didn't Know!

Hi friends! I wanted to do this article because I felt the desire to share this enlightened moment with you guys. For those of you who suffer from anxiety and depression, I hope that you find this useful. During most of my life, I would consume myself with bad thoughts; mostly because of bad past experiences. So because of those memories, I became/ become my own worst enemy. People around me like family and friends also would confirm/ feed me my own fears along with new ones. Everyone along with myself was so sure that these fears would come true. I mean deep inside my soul I was convinced that I lacked things such as love and safety. Perhaps we can use superstitions as examples. I was told don’t you ever open an umbrella inside the house or it’ll bring bad luck.


Did you know that I became terrified to…

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