I will survive 

Nope, not the Gloria Gaynor song.  This is the Jeff Probst Survivor.  Richard Hatch original winner Survivor. Favorite winner John Cochran who become a writer thanks to exposure from the show Survivor. That one.  Do you know it?  

Tonight they premiered game changers.  I know I missed my window. But I still want to be in a damn challenge. I think they should build a Survivor amusement park.  I’d pay to go through obstacles and compete.  I should’ve made my video all those years ago and sent my name in. Lol!

I guess I’ll have to settle for watching Mister hottie hot stuff Malcolm.  Oh so close in the last challenge.  Of course Troyzan is the more age appropriate crush.  Whatever I ❤️ Billy Bob anyway. 

As always, more to come.  


2 thoughts on “I will survive 

  1. I can’t believe that show has survived so long !! We eventually decided we’d survived it long enough and moved on to other realities. they abound on TV land here – we’re now immersed in the cutting thrust of culinary tamtrums and intrigues 🙂

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