I Get My Best Inspiration From Sit-Coms

The Great Indoors starring the talk soup guy had the best millennial comeback “Don’t forget my generation is only like this because of the bad parenting of your generation”

Yep.  This is another if only post.  If only, I knew then what I know now.  If only, I had a second chance.  If only, I could forgive myself for all my wrongs.

Damn empty nest full of regret. The weather today is affecting my mood.  I’d swear I have seasonal depression but supposedly I live too far from the equator.  Rainy mood on this rainy day.

For the past few Saturdays, there has been a “crisis” of some sort for Lulu.  I am powerless to help being geographically separated.  Then I think maybe that is really for best because how else will she adapt and grow?  She will figure things out.  At least I hope she will figure things out.  Yet Hope can be like Karma – two bitches!!!

Last night, coming down from the “crisis”, our hope sparkled conversation went something like this:

Me: “You know you have nothing to prove right?  No one decides their life’s profession in 2nd grade.  If the course work is not what you thought and/or something you don’t like, change your major.”

Lulu: “I know but I have not changed my mind.”

Me: “Remember I told you about my friend who’s daughter was going to major in math just like she did and become an actuary. After one semester she was miserable and switched.  She never looked back is very successful in her chosen field.”

Lulu: “I remember!  How could I forget?!??  Repeat Polly!!! Stop trying to change my mind would you?  Things are hard enough.  I just miss you guys and can’t wait to be home for Spring Break.”

Me: “Okay I’ll quit.  And I’m not trying to change your mind.  I just don’t want you to make choices based on what you think WE want.  This is YOUR life.”

Lulu: “I know, you’re a broken record mom!  Remember, those things they had in the 70s or 80s … before I was even born.”

Me: “That’s my girl! Sarcasm will take you far :).  I just don’t like it when you are so upset.  If things are so bad away at school, do you want to come home next semester?  You can always finish school from here.”

Lulu: “No, I will just plan better for next semester so I do not have any more nights like this.”

Me: “Well alrighty then.”

As always, more to come.



13 thoughts on “I Get My Best Inspiration From Sit-Coms

  1. Kids…shaking my head…what can you do. I thought, if I can just get him to 18, shew this will be easier, that was wishful thinking. But you are a smart cookie, good hearted, and that will have worn off on her. You’re doing the right things, said the right things, and in the end, she saw it (Lulu: “No, I will just plan better for next semester so I do not have any more nights like this.”) 🙂 AND it was her idea. That my friend takes skill on your part *studio applause* 🙂

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    1. Awe 😊Thanks! Yes, 18 was the promised land. If only, … it changes but not necessarily easier. I will say she has surprised me a few times lately with her choices. All is well on the island today.

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  2. You handled that situation perfectly. I’m not one to talk since I have no kids, but I grew up with seperation anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia but wasn’t diagnosed until about 17 years old. I understand what you mean by She needs to make her own choices, my mother didn’t want that, she wanted me to live HER life she wanted for me. It doesn’t always go that way and I think you handled this awesome. I would feel content if this was a conversation with my mom. Good Job (thumbs up)

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    1. Thank you. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to respond this way. Without intending to, I put a lot of pressure on her to succeed. I want her to know that the definition of success varies widely. I want her to be free … to be her own true self. It’s still so difficult to watch her hurting though as she figures things out.

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      1. I can understand from her point of view and it’s awesome that you’re open to the definition of success does have a huge variety. It takes time to be your true self when your struggling to understand who you are as well. I can imagine it’s difficult. I don’t want to have a child because of this fact, I don’t want my kid going through the obstacles that I’ve had to go through to get places in life and to get people to take me seriously. She’ll find her way, it might not be her time yet, but it comes around for everyone.

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  3. It’s o hard not to have the magic words, answers, crystal balls….and, says the enlightened part of me, thank goodness we don’t….a tough sell on days like the one you’re describing….for what it’s worth, I would suggest keep doing what you’re doing….you have come a long way…your amazing heart, wisdom, and humour will see you through 🙂

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