May The Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her

Today is the one year anniversary of the passing of Barbara Ann.  October 10, 1964-March 1, 2016.  Leaving  behind two children whose father had passed away before she did. Basically 17 and 19 year old orphans. 

No words.  Or not many words.  Just this:  

#cancersucks, #ashwednesdayprayers, #quietreflections

As always more to come.  

Post publication update:

I was looking for this picture when I first created this post.  Today I found it!  A picture that captures her essence perfectly!   Gone too soon. May she Rest In Peace. 


9 thoughts on “May The Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her

    1. Not good. The 17 year old is partying hard and being reckless. Might not graduate from high school. The 19 year old lives with my inlaws and sits in her room all day. She barely exists.


      1. It is. They are separated too just when they need each other the most. The 17 year old lives with the other grandmother. It’s complicated but just a very sad situation overall


      2. Thank you for your kindness. They were dealt a crappy hand but they have choices to make and I have hope they will start making better ones. It’s very sad and I’m tearful too yet life has to go one. I sound awfully unsympathetic. I don’t mean to be but the blame game can’t go on. Life sucks for lots of people yet they make a life somehow, some way.


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