I’m Officially Off The Sauce Again

And by sauce, I mean Coke.  And by Coke, I mean Coca Cola.  And by Coca Cola, I mean any garden variety soda water.  Because in Texas if someone asks you “Would you like a Coke?” you reply “Sure, what kind do you have?” to which you are told “Dr. Pepper, Big Red, Sprite, Coke…” you get the drift.

Growing up, Coke was a luxury.  I mean we ALWAYS had sweet tea by the gallon in the “ice box” and milk plus some kind of juice.  Water was available from the tap or a garden hose in a pinch.  But Coke, especially the good stuff (by good stuff I mean, name brand and not Shasta) that was special.  And here is another classic example of when I grow up and have a family, I’m gonna …

And I did!  I bought name brand Coca Cola products (only on sale or with coupons of course) and drank cases of Dr. Pepper.  Like a camel, I drank little to no water.  And like Sheldon Cooper’s mother, one might say I had a slight Dr. Pepper addiction.  I ruined my kids, though Pony now abstains from the dreaded poison – and will drink water at meals … for the cost factor not health … though I’ll take what I can get.  Lulu … well … with Lulu I’ll never know.  She tries to spare me but I have my suspicions.

Anyway, somewhere along the way, I read one too many articles about “pop” as the Midwesterners call it and I quit.  Cold turkey! You see it’s the little things … quit taking Zoloft! park far away and walk to the door, take the stairs, quit skipping breakfast, make better meal choices, and quit drinking Cokes.  I felt immensely better and I also shed 40 plus pounds.  A weight loss that I have maintained since 2006 (plus or minus 5 pounds).

Then this past Saturday, blah!  I was feeling sorry for myself.  Poor little Jill.  Boo Hoo.  I went to Sonic Happy Hour and instead of my usual 1/2 price unsweet tea, I thought why not  get a Coke with lime?  So I did … but just a small … and immediately I felt nauseous.  Now one might argue the nausea was from my worry over Lulu (who by the way is okie dokie again).  Though I really think the drink was what made me feel ill.

Then today, I went to the service for my mom’s best friend.  I have a wide range of emotions, stories that are not mine to tell and wanting ever so badly to spew/hurl/expunge the demons.  I can’t so pen to paper tonight but in the moment, mini panic attack, I skip the gravesite and I am back at Sonic Happy Hour.  Then I hear “May I have a LARGE vanilla Dr. Pepper?”  What the what?!??!  Someone else must have been speaking because that sure as HELL was not me!  Oh but it WAS me!

Now I’m nauseous again.  So I poured most of the captivating elixir down the drain.  And I’m officially OFF the sauce again. Hmmm!  I sure could go for a Whataburger right about now.  Thanks to Shop Girl Anonymous.  French fries and fancy ketchup.  That for sure would make any queasiness go away.

As always, more to come.


42 thoughts on “I’m Officially Off The Sauce Again

  1. Worst addiction ever… (we called it ‘soda’)

    Took years for me to break it. There’s a brand of iced tea ‘tejava’ they don’t even sell a sweetened version. (No I don’t work for or paid to say so…).

    Anyway. It was a welcome replacement. And tastes so much better than soda ever did… (that was just your insulin talking).

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  2. I can never get off the sauce. It flows through my veins. Soda is good in moderation but you know its all good to wash down a cheeseburger or some pizza. Beer is also good to wash down those things.

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  3. It’s so easy to quit Coke I’ve done it a dozen times! 🙂 I’ve just recently told myself that my body is a high performance machine and Coke is like fuelling it with diesel.

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  4. I love coke, Dr Pepper, pepsi and all of that. But I don’t drink them all that often. I drank a shit ton last year when I was living by myself because it was cheap and I needed the caffeine but yes, Coke is evil!

    Coffee, on the other hand, take that away from me and I will probably get my Harvey Dent on. 😛

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      1. Coffee is how we all stay sane, I’m sure of it. Good on you 🙂 I used to just drink it with milk and no sugar but then I discovered those instant cappuccinos and I mostly drink those. Occasionally I’ll buy lattes and mochas but I never buy a huge jar anymore. Before I was able to drink one cup a day but…Now I require at least two 😂😂

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  5. I’m a Coke addict for sure…calm down y’all I’m a Texan and that means Coca Cola. I’ve been actually doing better in my short return to texas than I had in Alabama. And since amusement parks are Pepsi communistic nations I may be off the sauce for good as well…no way in heck you’ll catch this shopgirl sipping a Pepsi…ever.

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  6. I’m not buying it. As a social worker its easy to read between the lines . The first step is admitting you have a problem. …the next step is going to CA each nite for 50 years to remind yourself and others you have that problem with no power over it. Now that’s recovery…see you mentioned coke so many times it became the focal point of the post, thus a clear cry for help. We are here for you. Remember, It work’s if you work it !!! Lol

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