I’m Officially Off The Sauce Again

And by sauce, I mean Coke. ¬†And by Coke, I mean Coca Cola. ¬†And by Coca Cola, I mean any garden variety soda water. ¬†Because in Texas if someone asks you “Would you like a Coke?” you reply “Sure, what kind do you have?” to which you are told “Dr. Pepper, Big Red, Sprite, Coke…” you get the drift.

Growing up, Coke was a luxury. ¬†I mean we ALWAYS had sweet tea by the gallon in the “ice box” and milk plus some kind of juice. ¬†Water was available from the tap or a garden hose in a pinch. ¬†But Coke, especially¬†the good stuff (by good stuff I mean, name brand and not Shasta) that was special. ¬†And here is another classic example of when I grow up and have a family, I’m gonna …

And I did! ¬†I bought name brand Coca Cola products (only on sale or with coupons of course) and drank cases of Dr. Pepper. ¬†Like a camel, I drank little to no water. ¬†And like Sheldon Cooper’s mother, one might say I had a slight Dr. Pepper addiction. ¬†I ruined my kids, though Pony now abstains from the dreaded poison – and will drink water at meals … for the cost factor not health … though I’ll take what I can get. ¬†Lulu … well … with Lulu I’ll never know. ¬†She tries to spare me but I have my suspicions.

Anyway, somewhere along the way, I read one too many articles about “pop” as the Midwesterners call it and I quit. ¬†Cold turkey! You see it’s the little things … quit taking Zoloft! park far away and walk to the door, take the stairs, quit skipping breakfast, make better meal choices, and quit drinking Cokes. ¬†I felt immensely better and I also shed 40 plus pounds. ¬†A weight loss that I have maintained since 2006 (plus or minus 5 pounds).

Then this past Saturday, blah! ¬†I was feeling sorry for myself. ¬†Poor little Jill. ¬†Boo Hoo. ¬†I went to Sonic Happy Hour and instead of my usual 1/2 price unsweet tea, I thought why not ¬†get a Coke with lime? ¬†So I did … but just a small … and immediately I felt nauseous. ¬†Now one might argue the nausea was from my¬†worry over Lulu (who by the way is okie dokie again). ¬†Though I really think the drink was what made me feel ill.

Then today, I went to the service for my mom’s best friend. ¬†I have a wide range of emotions, stories that are not mine to tell and wanting ever so badly to spew/hurl/expunge the demons. ¬†I can’t so pen to paper tonight but in the moment, mini panic attack, I skip the gravesite and I am back at Sonic Happy Hour. ¬†Then I hear “May I have a LARGE vanilla Dr. Pepper?” ¬†What the what?!??! ¬†Someone else must have been speaking because that sure as HELL was not me! ¬†Oh but it WAS me!

Now I’m nauseous again. ¬†So I poured most of the captivating elixir down the drain. ¬†And I’m officially OFF the sauce again. Hmmm! ¬†I sure could¬†go for a Whataburger right about now. ¬†Thanks to¬†Shop Girl Anonymous. ¬†French fries and fancy ketchup. ¬†That for sure would make any queasiness go away.

As always, more to come.