Squirrel.  No wait. Metallica.  

In the middle of my mini nervous breakdown during my lunch break, I got the presale alert email for Metallica.  

I was trying to score tickets off my phone but no such luck.  I kept fumbling around.   I did find some special experience stuff and then general admission (GA).  Well the special experience was $875.  And we’re too old for GA. 

I went back upstairs to fill in the Crew … about how I missed out.  The presale started at 10 … yada, yada boo hoo. And one special friend becomes the voice of reason.  Thank you to … you know who you are 😂.  

Score!  Plaza level.  Sweet seats for me and Billy Bob.  We’ll be reliving our youth. Aaaaahhhh.  This time the scream is a good one. 

As always, more to come!


9 thoughts on “Squirrel.  No wait. Metallica.  

    1. Thanks! I am so excited. This should be one for the memory books!! One of my faves was just listening to them live at the Apollo. I sat in my car and blasted Sirius XM. They closed with Seek & Destroy and I went nuts!!!!

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      1. 🙂 I saw them for the first time in ’97 for Load tour. It cemented me in the path of all things metal, haha. My best friend and I got to see them at Summer Sanitarium at Raven’s stadium – Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, System of a Down, and Powerman 5000…probably one of the best days of my life (despite getting busted by my parents for having boys in our room the night before, d’oh! haha)

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      2. Awesomeness !!! Kid Rock puts on a good show. We saw him in Vegas in 2003. He opened for Aerosmith and stole the show! I saw Korn with Marilyn Manson at Ozzfest. Love System if a Down. I forgot about them.

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      3. If you like System – you should check out Serj’s solo project. Cornucopia is an incredible album!!! I saw Manson once…Korn I’ve seen…five times? I saw A7x in Vegas 🙂 My friend and I flew out to see them – it was Portnoy’s last show with them! Hahaha, I could talk about music and concerts forever 🙂

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