My momma and her bestie

Mom is on the left, her dear friend is on the right.  Mom’s been gone 19 years, her friend just a matter of days.  Life is short. My heart hurts.  I wanted them both to live forever.  And maybe they will … in our memories.  Forever in our hearts. Gone but not forgotten. 
As always, more to come. 


11 thoughts on “My momma and her bestie

      1. Here too. Cancer sucks! First they thought she had lupus and by the time the figured out it was cancer it had spread to major organs and even in her bones. The days leading up to her death were grueling. All they could do is pain management. Diagnosed 12/31/97 and gone 1/25/98.

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    1. Yes, in that picture, at that time in her life, she was very happy. Right before that, not so much. By age 18, both her parents had died. The family was fractured for a bit until she and her siblings made up.


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